Flags Of The World Scratch Poster - A2 Black Landscape

Keep track of all your travels from Australia to Zimbabwe, our colourful scratch poster looks great framed and is a perfect memory of your favourite trips. Having 216 separate flags for each country makes our poster far more colourful and interesting than scratch maps, no more staring at vast oceans of emptiness and miniscule dots for small countries, each country has the same size flag! Also makes a fun educational resource for learning flags, scratch them off as you learn them!
  • 216 Flags - keep track of all your travels, even to those tiny little countries and principalities like Liechtenstein, Monaco and Singapore!
  • Flags shown in correct dimensions
  • Completely up-to-date including Eswatini, North Macedonia and South Sudan
  • Standard A2 size - our posters are a standard A2 size (60 x 42 cm), making them easy to frame
  • Supplied rolled in a protective sleeve inside a sturdy gift box, the perfect present for the intrepid traveller!
  • Made right here in England, not shipped halfway round the world!

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Poster Size: 594mm x 420mm (A2 Landscape)
Material: Quality Poster Paper
Weight: 100g boxed
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