Green Credentials

Here at Little Wigwam we like to do our bit to help the environment:
  • Our placemats, posters, height charts and targets are made entirely of polypropylene, a synthetic product that is:

    • Non toxic
    • Durable - the material is very long-lasting
    • 100% Recyclable - should you ever need to dispose of your products, they are 100% recyclable (Category 5)
    • Re-recyclable - unlike other "recyclable" products, polypropylene can be recycled again and again and again. And again!

  • Our Everlasting Jigsaws and Games are made from 100% recycled cardboard - in fact, so are the boxes! And of course everything is 100% recyclable

  • All of our products are made entirely in Great Britain and the EU, not shipped half-way around the world

  • No wasteful packaging, in fact our reusable placemats require no packaging at all!

  • Our products are all fully compliant with European Toy Safety Standard EN71, which means they are safe for children as well as the environment
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