World Map Poster - A2 size

Suggested Age:6 - 11 years
From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Antarctica to North America, and the Amazon to the Nile, everything you need from our fantastic World Map poster!
  • Countries shaded by continent
  • Countries, capitals and major cities
  • New countries like Eswatini, North Macedonia and South Sudan
  • New capitals like Nur-Sultan and Juba
  • Holiday locations like Orlando and Bali
  • All oceans, seas, major lakes and rivers
  • Familiar Mercator Projection style of map with longitude and latitude lines
  • Equator, Tropics and Arctic/Antarctic Circles
  • Scale and compass

Remember, all of our educational children's posters come with our unique "No Tear" guarantee - why risk buying paper posters?!

Poster Size: 594mm x 420mm (A2)
Material: Polypropylene
Finish: Silk (less reflective)
Weight: 50g approx.
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