Measure Me! Height Charts & Door Frame Height Charts

Measure Me! Height Charts are the perfect way to record your child's height from birth to adulthood! Made in the UK from durable plastic, our beautiful growth charts can be fixed to walls or doors, or they can be rolled up and safely stored in the clear tube - simply roll the opposite way to flatten it out. You can even lie them under babies.

Measure Me! Height Charts are 15cm wide and measure from 0 to 200cm, they can also be fixed across skirting boards (or simply trim them as required) - record your child's height with a permanent marker such as a Sharpie.

Looking for a smaller or less visible option? Our Door Frame Height Charts measure just 3cm wide and are perfect for fixing inside door frames (surprise!).

Is My Height Chart Made Of Paper?

No! All Measure Me! height charts (and door frame height charts) are made from a durable plastic material called polypropylene which is 100% recyclable and tear-resistant! It is also wipe-clean so you can safely wipe clean any mucky fingerprints :o)

What's The Best Way To Record Heights On My Height Chart?

We recommend using permanent marker pens such as Sharpies. Biros, water-based felt-tips and pencils should not be used as they will not write properly on the height chart material.

My Height Chart Stays Curled Up, How Do I Use It?

Simply roll your height chart back the other way - this will flatten it out ready for use.

How Do I Fix My Height Chart To The Wall Or Door Frame?

This is really a matter of personal preference - as our height charts are very light,we recommend using a product like Blu-Tac as you can then move or take down the height chart without damaging it.

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