Measure Me! Harlequin Door Frame Height Chart

Age Range:0 - 100 years
Our Harlequin door frame height chart adds a touch of abstract pastels:
  • Rolls up for safe-keeping in a clear plastic jar - a life-long memento that you can keep even if you move home (or re-decorate!)

  • Measures from 0-200cm - lie under babies or fix to a wall, Measure Me! Door Frame Height Charts will roll and unroll as many times as you like

  • At 3cm wide, Measure Me! Door Frame Height Charts have space to record kids' names and ages but are thin enough to fix to a door frame!

  • Made in the UK from durable, non-PVC/BPA plastic - record your height with a permanent marker like a Sharpie

  • A perfect gift for baby showers, christenings, new parents and kids birthdays!

  • Also check out our range of full width Measure Me! Height Charts which are 15cm with plenty of space to record names and ages - choose from a large range of contemporary and fun designs!

Dimensions: 200 x 3cm
Jar Size: 5 x 7cm
Material: Polypropylene
Weight: 15g (35g in jar)

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