Elements Of The Periodic Table Flash Cards - Full Set of 118 Elements + Comprehensive Data

Little Wigwam's colourful set of educational flashcards includes the full set of 118 elements of the Periodic Table. The front of each card features a quick reference summary of the element, whilst the back of the card contains comprehensive, up-to-date data:

  • The full set of 118 elements with up-to-date, correct names

  • Each element is colour-coded according to its type for easy recognition and grouping

  • Premium quality double-sided flash cards measuring 88x63mm - made in the EU and supplied in a beautiful, sturdy storage box, cards have rounded corners for added safety

  • Each card reverse contains accurate and up-to-date data for that element:

    - Symbol
    - Atomic Number
    - Period
    - Group
    - Block
    - Atomic Weight
    - Type
    - State
    - Melting Point
    - Boiling Point
    - Electron Structure

Flash Card Size: 88mm x 63mm
No. Cards: 118
Weight: 280g approx.
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