Numbers 1 to 100 Flash Cards - Full Set of 100 Cards

Little Wigwam's fun and colourful educational flashcards are designed by teachers as the perfect way for your child to learn their Numbers! Unlike inferior alternatives, Little Wigwam's Numbers 1 to 100 flash cards includes a FULL set of 100 cards. Our premium quality double-sided flash cards are colour-coordinated in sets of 10 for easy pattern recognition, and cards feature both digits and words written using cursive-style fonts consistent with those used to teach reading in school:

  • 100 x Numbers cards from 1 to 100

  • Premium quality double-sided flash cards measuring 90x68mm - made in the EU and supplied in a handy tuckbox

  • Unlike cheap alternatives, this set includes all 100 cards, not a cheap half-pack with random number pairings

  • Colour coordinated in sets of 10 with digits and words all using cursive style fonts as taught in school

  • Made with rounded corners for your child's safety

Flash Card Size: 90mm x 68mm
No. Cards: 100
Weight: 225g approx.
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