Everlasting Jigsaws!

Designed by teachers to tie in with the National Curriculum, our jigsaws come with a unique Lifetime Guarantee to warm the hearts of many a frustrated puzzler free replacements for any lost pieces!

Although these beautiful jigsaws are fully recyclable there is no need to ever throw away a puzzle simply because a piece has been lost, Little Wigwam will happily post a replacement piece for any Everlasting Jigsaw before you have time to pull your hair out!

How Do I Get A Replacement Piece?

Simply send us a stamped addressed envelope and details of the piece you need replaced - there is no charge!

How Do I Explain Which Piece I Need?

The easiest way to tell us which piece you need is to take a photo of the completed jigsaw with the piece missing, either send us the photo with your stamped addressed envelope or email it to us at sales @ littlewigwam.com

What About Proof Of Purchase?

We don't hide behind silly conditions and disclaimers - no proof of purchase is required, if you have the jigsaw you have the same Lifetime Guarantee! Simple!
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